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Gerard Hardeman

  • Organic baker and teacher @Gerard & Suus
  • Founder and co-owner of the Dutch Organic Baking School
  • Founder and co-owner The Baker & The Doctor

Gerard decided twenty years ago to start working strictly organic. Since then he developed a wide range of delicious and artisanal recipes. He prefers working with the bare minimum: flour, water, salt and love. His motto: less is more. He prefers to work the dough with his hands. ‘Machines simply lack to understand the dough.’

In 2019 he developed an organic gluten free bread assortiment. Based on for instance oatmeal, buckwheat, chickpeas and fonio. To make sure everyone can enjoy the pleasure of bread.

At the first Nederlandse Zuurdesemproeverij (Dutch Sourdough Tasting) in 2018, Gerard’s ‘Generously filled Rye’ won the 1e price in the category experimental bread.

Bettina Loose

Owner and organic pastry baker at @Bettina Bakt

Bettina Loose’s pastry is inspired by her homeland. Born in Germany she nowadays runs her own pastry bakery in Amsterdam. Bettina’s bakings are modest with sugar, but generous on tast.

Beesham Sogrim

Organic baker and teacher

Self-taught Beesham Sogrim is a specialist in dough with high humidity, for crusty bread such as ciabatta, pizza, or focaccia. This dough requires a different technique, which Beesham teaches alongside many other types of bread, all over the world.

Karl De Smedt

Communication & training manager at NV Puratos, Curator at Puratos Sourdough Library.

Karl manages the only sourdough library in the world, and spreads his extensive know-how on using sourdough in bakery.

Ralph Nieboer

Viennoiserie specialist/BreadWorks Workshops

The dry and buttery doughs and techniques for luxurious Vienoisserie are taught by Ralph Nieboer. In recent years Ralph successfully made his passion for baking his work. 

Oren Smuely

Oren Shmuely is a renowned baker from Israel. For 3 years in a row, Oren has been declared Israels best sourdough baker. He has become famous with his modern biological and versatile approach.

Oren accepted our invitation to give a course at the Dutch Organic Baking School, we are very proud of that! He will introduce you to the multi-faceted bakery in the Middle East. Pita, halal bread (vegan and organic), and Israeli pastry will be on the menu.

Corianne Vos


Ever since she was a teenager Corianne Vos work at the Bakery of Gerard & Suus. She worked in care for over five years, and decided that this was the moment to start a new career: ‘My heart is in this business’. She organizes the program and takes care of the sales.

For information and bookings:

Corianne Vos

Mobile: +31 6 2205 293